Phoenix is one of the most vibrant and livable communities in the United States, and a city where a strong, diverse economy supports a thriving and growing business community. Phoenix is in the heart of the fastest growing region in the country, serving all major markets in the western United States. The current population of the city of Phoenix, Arizona is estimated to be about 1,488,750, which is an increase of about 1.3% from the last record of the population.  The city of Phoenix is the most populous city in the state of Arizona and the sixth-most populous city in the entire country.
Local, national, and international businesses find that Phoenix has an excellent transportation infrastructure, with frequent non-stop air connections to all major cities, easy freeway access and rail service destined to major ports.

With 478 square miles of land, Phoenix offers plenty of room for long-term growth. Actually, only 50% of the land in the city is developed. Thousands of companies have discovered that it pays to do business in the city of Phoenix. Among other things, the state has no corporate franchise tax, business inventory is not subject to property tax, and Arizona is a right-to-work state.

Motorola and Honeywell are among the largest corporate citizens. Regional and national headquarters in Phoenix include Google, American Express, America West Airlines, Bank of America, Charles Schwab and Phelps Dodge.

Phoenix is one of the most popular leisure destinations in the world, with its famous sunny climate, large lakes offering boating and fishing nearby, and lush stretches of beautiful Sonoran Desert preserves. Add to that, spectacular golf courses, year-round outdoor activities, and an unlimited variety of attractive shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

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